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How to Donate Food

fooddonationIf you have non-perishable food to donate, you can drop it off in these locations:

The Mississauga Food Bank appreciates donations of any size by corporate or individual donors.

In fact, 95% of all food distributed by The Mississauga Food Bank was donated! However, there are some items we are not able to accept.

To avoid waste or The Mississauga Food Bank rejecting your donation, please refrain from donating the following:

• Items past their expiry date
• Vitamins or over the counter medications (eg. Tylenol, cold medicine, etc.)
• Home baked goods, or food prepared in a home environment such as personally wrapped meats
• Opened food items, or food not in its original container/packaging

When looking at the nutritional labels of products you are about to donate, please keep our Nutritional Guidelines in mind.

Food Industry Donations

If you represent a food manufacturer or distributor and would like to donate food, you play a key role in the success of The Mississauga Food Bank!

Who donates food

• Food manufacturers, processors, distributors,
and producers
• The agricultural sector
• Grocery stores
• The public/Food drives

What food we accept

Perishable and non-perishable (including  fresh  & frozen) quality food items that are:

  • Close to best before date
  • Surplus
  • Damaged
  • Mislabelled
  • Discontinued

What is the procedure for donating food?

Before any food donation arrangements are made, you must first contact us to discuss proposed donation and logistics.

For more information:

Jon Davey
Manager of Food Programs and Distribution
905.270.5589 x229

Further details are included in our Food Donation Guide.

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