Anyone in need and living in Mississauga is eligible to use the Food Bank. Every first time user undergoes a needs and eligibility assessment where client status is determined. A staff member or volunteer of your local food bank will ask to see proof of residency in Mississauga, proof of the family or individual’s monthly income and monthly housing expenses.

Required Documents
When you visit your local food bank, please bring all of the following pieces of identification and documentation:

  • Proof of residency in Mississauga: Identification with name and mailing addresses for all adults in your family. If you have children, please bring identification (name and birth date) such as a birth certificate or passport for each child
  • Proof of monthly income: OW statement, pay slip, Child Tax Credit, EI statement, bank statement
  • Rent receipt, lease agreement, or mortgage statement and utilities bills
  • Other Information: daycare or disability costs.
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