Hunger in Mississauga

The Face of Hunger 2014Hunger in Mississauga

  • A surprising 14.5% of Mississauga residents live in poverty.
  • The Mississauga Food Bank’s member agencies receive over 60,000 visits each month.

For more information on hunger in Mississauga download the 2014 The Face of Hunger in Mississauga report by clicking here.

Hunger in Ontario

  • In March 2013, 375,789 people were helped by food banks in Ontario.
  • The number of people accessing food banks in Ontario is still much higher than before the 2008 recession.

The Ontario Association of Food Banks publishes its Hunger Report each year to give a snapshot of food bank use across the province. View Hunger Report 2014 here.

Hunger Nationwide

  • Hunger is on the rise in Canada. In a typical month, food banks nationwide provide food to 833,098 people (more than 303,000 of these are children).
  • Of these people, over 78,000 accessed a food bank for the first time in March of 2013.

Every year, Food Banks Canada releases a HungerCount Report which takes a close look at who is accessing food banks. It reports on the amount of people turning to food banks and the key factors that contribute to why they need help. To view the 2013 HungerCount Report click here.