Hunger in Mississauga

Hunger in Mississauga

  • 15% of Mississauga residents and 20% of Mississauga children live in poverty.
  • Our hungry neighbours visited neighbourhood food banks 80,151 times last year. In addition, we had 87,779 visits to our meal, snack and breakfast programs.

For more information on hunger in Mississauga view the 2015 The Face of Hunger in Mississauga report here.

Hunger in Ontario

  • Ontario has seen a 35 per cent jump in the number of senior citizens visiting food banks over the past year.
  • While the number of individual food bank users is slightly down, from 375,000 in March 2014 to 358,963 in March 2015, there was a total of 10,000 more overall visits to food banks this year.
  • Single Ontarians of all ages now make up half of all food bank users in the province.

The Ontario Association of Food Banks publishes its Hunger Report each year to give a snapshot of food bank use across the province. View Hunger Report 2015 here.

Hunger Nationwide

  • Hunger is on the rise in Canada. 852,137 Canadians turn to food banks each month. More than one-third of those helped are children.
  • Half of the provinces experienced increases in food bank use in 2015. Hardest hit was Alberta, where food bank usage increased by 23.4% from 2014.

Every year, Food Banks Canada releases a HungerCount Report which takes a close look at who is accessing food banks. It reports on the amount of people turning to food banks and the key factors that contribute to why they need help. View the 2015 HungerCount Report here.

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