Vernon and ChristinaWe were very lucky this summer at TMFB to have two amazing students helping us out during a busy season. Vernon and Christina are heading back to university next week, but we want to thank them both for the work they’ve put in this summer as warehouse assistants!

Great job, Vernon and Christina, and all the best for the coming school year!

Vernon and Christina have written about their experiences working at The Mississauga Food Bank this summer. Read on for Vernon’s story and check back next week to hear from Christina.

 Vernon – Moving the food bank

VernonOut of all the summer jobs I could have had, working for The Mississauga Food Bank was by far the best one. On the first day of my summer job as a warehouse assistant, I walked through the door, all nervous and confused about what to expect. Little did I know that my fears were misplaced and that I would have a wonderful time working here.

I remember that I met all of the staff members almost fifteen minutes after I walked through the door and I struggled to remember each person’s name. Before I managed to remember each member’s name, I found out I had been given the opportunity to work alongside wonderful and enjoyable people.

After meeting everyone, Jon showed Christina and I how to do one of the most basic but highly important tasks – how to use a pump truck. I thought it would require weeks of practice to become proficient with it, but it only took us a few tries to learn how to maneuver it without crashing into anything.Vernon

After that we learned to do so many other things such as using the gun to pick orders, making sure cat food didn’t accidently get put into Fish and Meat, using the cardboard compressor, and even how to use the floor scrubber. I went out to visit member agencies and grocery stores to drop off or pick up donations with Steve, and dragged 200-lb food-filled, heavy duty bags with Chris.

Vernon and DoreenAll these nice and easy tasks came to an end when the move began. Then came the hours and hours of sweeping and using the floor scrubber in the new warehouse, moving all the food, removing things from the old place, setting them up at the new location and so much more. After a month we settled in to the new place and I got to enjoy my last few days there before the end of my work term. I certainly enjoyed my summer and all the people I met. I now am one of the few privileged that can say, “I helped move The Mississauga Food Bank.”

-Vernon Monteiro


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DSC04559_optIf you’ve volunteered with us in the past year, please join us on Sunday, September 14 so we can say thank you for everything you do! We’ll be getting together at our new warehouse, 3121 Universal Dr., from 1p.m. to 4p.m.

Please register online and let us know how many friends and family members you’re bringing along!

Christina and JonCan you help us sort food at our new warehouse? Volunteer shifts are now open until the end of October – we need your help to get our shelves stocked again!

Please register online on our volunteer calendar.


Board-Break-a-ThonMississauga, Ontario – On Saturday, August 16th over 20 Karate Black Belts (ages 14 – 60) will be smashing hundreds of boards at the Academy of Martial Arts in Port Credit, challenging each other for the fastest time while attempting to raise $5,000 (about 15,000 meals) for The Mississauga Food Bank.

The Academy of Martial Arts Board Break-A-Thon Challenge is a fun, exciting, yet challenging martial arts activity with students reaching for their personal best. The participants, all BLACK BELTS, will set realistic board break times to smash 10 stacks of 5 boards (total attempt is 50 boards each) in the fastest time versus each other!

The idea was created because Christopher Doyle, chief instructor and 8th Degree Black Belt wanted to not only have students demonstrate goal setting and achievement, but demonstrate that with focus and determination anything is possible.

Doyle himself holds the world record for board breaking. On September 14th, 1996 he smashed 495 boards in a mere 60 seconds!

The goal is to raise at least $5000 for The Mississauga Food Bank. We’re hoping to make the Board Break-A-Thon Challenge as successful as possible, so the more contributions we raise, the more successful we’ll be at achieving our goal.

For every $1 given, The Mississauga Food Bank is able to distribute food for 3 meals to hungry children, families and seniors in our community.

Make a donation to support the black belts online.


Contact Information:
Academy of Martial Arts/Christopher Doyle
Academy of Martial Arts – 108 Lakeshore Road East, Port Credit, Ontario, L5G1E3

We’ve been busy packing up boxes, taking down racking and getting ready for our move to Universal Drive next month.

We’ll be adding more photos as we get ready to say goodbye to our current location on Goldenridge Rd and as we settle in at 3121 Universal Drive.

Once we’re up and running at Universal Drive, volunteer shifts will open up. Keep an eye on the Volunteer Calendar at the end of August to schedule a shift in our new location.


DSC04559_optIf you’ve volunteered with us in the past year, please join us on Sunday, September 14 so we can say thank you for everything you do! We’ll be getting together at our new warehouse, 3121 Universal Dr., from 1p.m. to 4p.m.

Please register online and let us know how many friends and family you’d like to bring.

More details to come!

senior couple on front porchThe provincial budget was passed in Queen’s Park on July 24 by a margin of 56-37. The budget was identical to the one tabled in May, which triggered the June provincial election.

Now with a Liberal majority, the budget was easily passed.

In addition to ear-marking $29-billion for transportation projects across Ontario, there are other factors that could have an impact on people living in poverty.

The Ontario Association of Food Banks has compiled some budget highlights that affect people living in poverty across the province:

  • Continuing reforms to the social assistance system, which will improve income supports and reduce barriers to entering the workforce.
  • Proposing legislation to index the minimum wage to inflation to help ensure that workers receive a decent wage, after having raised it to $11.00 per hour as of June 1, 2014.
  • Enhancing supports for adults with developmental disabilities and front-line workers in the community services sector.
  • Increasing the Ontario Child Benefit by proposing to index it to inflation.
  • Extending the Ontario Youth Jobs Strategy to give more young people the chance to gain a foothold in the job market.
  • Introducing the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan:
    • A predictable stream of income, indexed to inflation, which will be paid for life in retirement.
    • Mandatory for the more than 3 million Ontarians without a workplace pension plan.
    • Return long-term economic benefits to Ontario when payouts help people maintain their standard of living in retirement and continue spending.

What do you think? Will these changes make a difference in your life?

If you have any questions about Budget 2014, please connect with your local MPP.

Give 30

For Immediate Release:  July 23, 2014

MISSISSAUGA: Mississauga residents of all faiths are coming together to fight hunger through Give 30, a fundraising campaign focused on Ramadan. Over $5,000 has been donated to The Mississauga Food Bank since the start of the campaign last month.

Give 30 is designed to motivate people fasting in Ramadan to give a portion of the money they save by skipping meals over the month.

Mississauga resident Mohammed Hashim, who made the first donation to Mississauga’s Give 30 campaign, says fasting builds empathy for people in our community who don’t have enough food.

“When fasting for 17 hours through hunger pains and thirst, how can one ignore our neighbours who go through this every day of their lives?” he says. “Ramadan is a time of charity and is a great reminder of how we need to help our greater community.”

Give 30 was founded in Toronto in 2012 and has since spread to 11 food banks across six provinces. Since it was founded, Give 30 has raised more than $200,000 for Canadian food banks.

“This is the first year Mississauga has been involved with Give 30,” says Chris Hatch, executive director of The Mississauga Food Bank. “The response has been incredible and really speaks to the compassion and generosity of our neighbours in Mississauga.”

Though Ramadan ends on July 27, donations can be made through until Sept. 5.


About Give 30: Give 30 runs in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec, Mississauga, Ottawa, Vancouver and Winnipeg.  Ramadan takes place from June 28 – July 27, 2014.

W: ~ FB: /GIVE30 ~ T: @GIVE_30

Ziyaad Mia, Founder Give 30 – 416-303-9535 (cell – call or text)
Pamela Sleightholm, Marketing and Fund Development Coordinator, The Mississauga Food Bank – 905-270-5589 x227

3121 UniversalWith our move to Universal Drive coming up quickly, we’ve made some changes to our pick-up and delivery schedule to help things move along smoothly.

We ask that  food donations be dropped off directly at your nearest fire station or grocery store between July 21 and September 1 – we are unable to pick-up and receive donations at our warehouse during this transition period.

If you’re organizing a summer food drive and have questions, please contact If you represent a member agency and have questions about your schedule, please contact