Stories of Hope

It’s our neighbours who need a neighbourhood food bank, before-school breakfast club or hot meal program – people who live in our apartment buildings, on the same streets as us, and go to the same schools. It’s families with children, seniors, new immigrants and the working poor who rely on The Mississauga Food Bank to provide them with enough food to get by.

It is for these people that The Mississauga Food Bank works to provide nutritious food to ensure that no resident of our city goes hungry. Learn more about our clients in our report The Face of Hunger in Mississauga 2016.

Every year, Food Banks Canada releases a HungerCount Report which takes a close look at who is accessing food banks. It reports on the number of people turning to food banks and the key factors that contribute to why they need help. To view the 2015 HungerCount Report click here.

Client Stories

Debbie fled a violent relationship to protect herself and her sons. Learn how The Mississauga Food Bank works with community agencies to get clients the help they need here.



When her Multiple Sclerosis worsened, Janice wasn’t able to return to work and the Ontario Disability Support Program wasn’t enough to make ends meet.

With the help of The Mississauga Food Bank, her pantry is never empty. Read Janice’s story here.


Rafael and MariaRafael and Maria struggled when they arrived in Mississauga. Rafael’s credentials weren’t recognized and Maria went through an unexpected health crisis. With The Mississauga Food Bank’s help, Rafael and Maria can focus on making a life for themselves. Read their story here.

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