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It’s our neighbours who need a neighbourhood food bank, before-school breakfast club or hot meal program – people who live in our apartment buildings, on the same streets as us, and go to the same schools. It’s families with children, seniors, new immigrants and the working poor who rely on The Mississauga Food Bank to provide them with enough food to get by. Our clients spend an average of 74% of their income on rent, leaving only about $5 per day for other vital expenses like food.

It is for these people that The Mississauga Food Bank works to provide nutritious food to ensure that no resident of our city goes hungry.

Every year, Food Banks Canada releases a HungerCount Report which takes a close look at who is accessing food banks. It reports on the number of people turning to food banks and the key factors that contribute to why they need help. To view the 2012 HungerCount Report click here.

Client Stories

For Debbie, help from The Mississauga Food Bank means knowing that her family won’t go hungry while they get back on their feet.

Debbie has had a tough time. Her husband Mark suffered a mental breakdown and became abusive towards her. Attempts to get Mark to see a doctor failed and in the interest of her and her two sons’ safety, she moved into a nearby shelter.

In addition to food and shelter, Debbie received counseling and support. She moved into an apartment and started to work again. She continues to get food and baby supplies from one of The Mississauga Food Bank partner agencies to supplement what she can afford, and plans to go back to college.


With the help of The Mississauga Food Bank and local shelters, Ray can focus on getting his diploma without having to worry about where his next meal will come from.

Ray’s life hasn’t been easy. He comes from a troubled family and left home at 16. Having never graduated from high school, he has trouble finding permanent work due to his lack of education. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had the money to rent his own place, and has gone from sofa to sofa.

But things have changed for Ray. He started going regularly for hot meals at a local shelter and went back to adult high school to get his diploma. He’s on his way to getting educated and getting a better job.


With the help of The Mississauga Food Bank, Janice knows that she never has to go hungry again.

Janice is 38 years old and lives with Multiple Sclerosis. Diagnosed in her late twenties, Janice had nevertheless been able to hold down a job and had worked for many years as a receptionist in a small company, enjoying a fairly active life. Three years ago, the disease took a turn for the worse and she could no longer hold on to her job.

As a single person without company health benefits, Janice applied for the Ontario Disability Support Program and started receiving monthly cheques. However, with the rising cost of living, there was often not enough left for food, so she turned to one of The Mississauga Food Bank member agencies. With the help of 7-10 days of food each month, Janice can make sure her pantry is never empty.


For Rafael and Maria, help from The Mississauga Food Bank means extra support as they work towards establishing themselves in a new country.

Rafael was an architectural draftsman in his home country with dreams of a better life in Canada for himself and his wife. That dream came true two years ago when they immigrated to Mississauga.

However, Rafael’s education and experience were not recognized here and, coupled with some language struggles, he could only find work as a dishwasher. Maria’s high-risk pregnancy meant that she could no longer fulfill her duties as a nanny. Surviving on Rafael’s meager wages, their small nest egg dwindled quickly with the high cost of living.

That’s when they started going to local shelters supplied by the Food Bank. Instead of worrying about where their next meal will come from, they can focus on learning English and making a life for themselves in Canada.

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