Support the work of The Mississauga Food Bank through membership

If you would like to be involved in the governance of The Mississauga Food Bank or potentially serve as a committee member or Board member, The Mississauga Food Bank is offering you an avenue to do just that. Our membership program is designed to encourage greater community participation in the food bank’s ongoing development, as well as keep those with a keen interest in the welfare of our hungry neighbours up-to-date on food bank happenings.

As one of Ontario’s largest food banks, The Mississauga Food Bank is quickly gaining recognition as a leader in the food bank sector and in providing emergency food support to those who are hungry in our community. The Mississauga Food Bank would like its community to be a part of that growth.

Membership offers an opportunity to serve the food bank and provide a community connection to the Board of Directors. Members have the ability to elect the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting, held every year in November. As a group that would become knowledgeable of food bank issues and concerns, the membership would also provide a talent pool from which to draw future Board and committee members.

Some key membership benefits include:

  • Taking part in all business completed at the AGM, including
    a. nominating candidates to the Board
    b. electing the Board of Directors
    c. approving By-Law changes
    d. appointing auditors
  • Receiving financial statements
  • Receiving advance notice and special offers on events

The food bank charges an annual membership fee of $50, which is not eligible for a charitable tax receipt, and is separate from any other donations. Membership lasts for 12 months from the date of receiving payment. Members will receive a letter 60 days in advance of their membership expiration asking them to renew.

In order to vote at the AGM, members must be in good standing as of 60 days before the AGM. Notice of meeting will be sent 30 days in advance of any meeting of members.

For corporations wishing to be members of The Mississauga Food Bank, each corporate entity can hold one vote. Member agencies of The Mississauga Food Bank Network also each hold one vote.

To become a member of The Mississauga Food Bank, simply click buy membership above.