Mission Statement: Relieving hunger in Mississauga by providing and promoting access to healthy food for people in need.

Improve Access to Food

We will work to improve access to food for people with the highest need. We are committed to ensuring suitable agencies and food programs are in locations closer to where people in need live and work.

We are going to: 

  • Identify areas of city and groups that require support and determine programs best suited to identified areas and capacity gaps
  • Add food programs to the network
  • Ensure agencies have the capacity to serve needs of community
  • Ensure clients are connected to services/tools that help them with their other needs

Source Adequate Healthy Food

We will work to source adequate healthy food culturally appropriate where possible. In alignment with Canada’s Food Guide, we will be increasing the amount of healthy food available to all clients.

We will focus on projects like: 

  • Launching a Food Rescue program
  • Sourcing more food donations and purchasing more food with nutritional value
  • Ensuring TMFB is logistically prepared to facilitate an increased flow of food
  • Expanding AquaGrow Farms to increase yield

Invest in strategic partnerships

We will work to invest in strategic partnerships that leverage more food, resources, capacity, and impact. We are eager to cultivate strong partnerships with organizations who can help us move forward and achieve greater efficiency and impact.

We will do this by: 

  • Spending more time raising awareness surrounding the challenges facing our hungry neighbours on a day-to-day basis. 
  • Working with the provincial and national food bank associations to amplify their advocacy messages. 
  • Increasing the collaboration that already exists between food banks in the GTA.

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