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Aquaponics 101

What does a fish tank and a fish named Alphie have to do with feeding hungry neighbours in Mississauga? We revealed something pretty special at this year’s Supporter Appreciation Party: our brand new aquaponics farm.

Catch the big reveal below at the 27:46 mark!

What is aquaponics, anyway?

Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) that grows fish and plants in one integrated system. Using a minimum amount of both water and space, our aquaponics farm will organically grow fish and vegetables for our hungry neighbours.


How does it work?

Aquaponics 101


Why is The Mississauga Food Bank doing it?

Year-round access to wholesome vegetables and protein

Our aquaponics farm will enable us to source the healthiest, most nutritious food possible…365 days a year. Aquaponics is an innovative and – most importantly – sustainable way to produce fresh food for those who need it most. Because everyone in our community deserves access to healthy, fresh food.

Compensate for decreasing donations

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to regularly source fresh produce for the food bank. Agriculture has largely vanished from Mississauga and without access to plentiful farmland, we have to get creative.

Educate about urban farming and increase knowledge of food security

While aquaponics has been used by food banks in the U.S, The Mississauga Food Bank will be one of the first Canadian food banks to use this system! We hope to spread the word and educate our community and other food banks nationwide about sustainable urban farming.




We’ll be keeping you updated on our farm’s progress over the coming months – stay tuned! Here’s what’s in store:

Summer 2016

  • Hiring farm supervisor
  • Installing the farm in our warehouse

Fall 2016

  • We will be harvesting!

Our aquaponics farm is made possible by the generosity of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
Ontario Trillium Foundation

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