Buddha’s Light International Association – VegRun – Fundraiser in support of
The Mississauga Food Bank

VegRun for Love, Let Love Flow

For Health, Joy, Love, Environmental Protection

VegRun in “Veg-Revival Virtual Community Run” is the abbreviation of vegan run and vegetarian run, which means running to promote vegetarianism and running for the earth. Vege-Revival represents awakening to restore vitality.   Participating in VEGRUN not only contributes to charity, but also protect environment and reduce global warming by promoting vegetarianism. Please join us to promote:

  • Sustainable Society – Environmental protection starts from our mind and heart
  • Economic Sustainability – Reciprocal economic growth
  • Environmental Sustainability – Low carbon diet, Environmental protection sustainability

Please donate today to ensure no one in our community is left to go hungry. 

End Summer Hunger

Help End Hunger Today

Your support will ensure that families and neighbours across our city have enough healthy and appropriate food.