girl holding bread in her hands
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08 Sep

Teresa and Violet’s story

Your Hungry Neighbours Teresa and Violet Teresa is a single parent and sole caregiver for her daughter, Violet She has struggled to find employment...
women wearing mask and picking up bags
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03 May

Ramona’s story

With a household of five relying on her, Ramona has always worked hard, juggling the many responsibilities of motherhood alongside her job at a...
Jeremy's story
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02 Feb

Jeremy’s Story

There was a time when Jeremy felt very alone in the world. He lives with a disability that leaves him unable to work. He...
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06 Oct

Dory – Spotlight Sunday

Dory was facing serious health issues and struggling to make ends meet as a retired dental technician. Then, her husband passed away. Suddenly, it...
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06 May

How Your Generosity Helped Sahara

It isn’t always easy to ask for help. But when Sahara came to the Food Bank in need of food, she found so much...
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04 Feb

Your generosity ensures hardworking neighbours like Kevin don’t go hungry

At the Food Bank, we hear from neighbours all the time. “I thought if I just worked hard, I’d be able to provide for myself and...
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05 Jul

Raymond’s Story – A Letter From Chris Hatch

Dear Friends, Every day our member agencies serve clients like Raymond, who was forced to stop working after suffering a workplace injury. He is 61 years...