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Chris Lang, #SpotlightSunday

In appreciation of International Volunteer Day, we are highlighting one of our awesome volunteers! This #SpotlightSunday we hear from Chris Lang, one of our Food Sorting Leaders.

“I volunteer because I have been very fortunate in my life: but I know there are people who are much less fortunate and who are really hurting. Volunteering here allows me to provide a hand up to those who need it here in Mississauga.

When I volunteer at TMFB time flies by. I can forget my worries and get out of my own head and think about the needs of others. I find it very peaceful.

You know we can’t all be Nobel Peace prize winners affecting huge amounts of change. But I feel that by volunteering here I am helping the community. For most of us average Canadians, that’s all we can hope for. It doesn’t matter how big or small the impact is, as long as you try.”

Thank you Chris for all that you do to support TMFB and your hungry neighbours!

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