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19 Aug ・ BY candybox
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Kadian – Spotlight Sunday

Meet Kadian, The Mississauga Food Bank’s Food Drive and Fundraising Coordinator:

“Growing up in Jamaica, I knew what poverty was in a different light. When I moved to Canada, I never thought this would be a place where I’d be meeting hungry families.

My grandparents always taught me how rewarding it is to help others. And I am so proud to have a career devoted to helping feed individuals from all over that have chosen to live in Mississauga.

I love being able to talk to students, groups, and individuals about organizing food drives or fundraising, and to educate them about the impact and how it takes a community to help those in need.

To hear the stories of families that have benefited from the food bank is confirmation that I have chosen the right field.

Thanks Kadian, for all that you do here at TMFB!

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