23 Jun ・ BY Alyssa

Lydia – Spotlight Sunday

Meet Lydia, another new member of the Food Bank team, our ReclaimFRESH Coordinator:

“I chose to work at the food bank because I felt a strong connection to what we’re accomplishing through ReclaimFRESH – making a difference in the community. Recently, I went on a delivery to a food agency and it was so impactful to see the hungry neighbours who benefit from the Food Bank’s support. Feeling the reality of how hunger affects their lives gives me an even stronger desire to bring them healthy food choices. I haven’t been at the Food Bank long, but I have learned there is a strong community spirit across Mississauga – regardless of cultural background. Food is such a powerful connector! I am inspired daily to work with a group of conscious people who are working together toward a common goal!”

Welcome to the team Lydia!

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