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Mark – Spotlight Sunday

Meet Mark, one of The Mississauga Food Bank’s Food Sorting Leaders:

“I started volunteering 2 months ago as a food sorting leader because I wanted to give back to my community– I wanted to be able to help people who are less fortunate than me.

I really enjoy volunteering. It makes me very happy that I can help others and impact their life in a positive way. After a day of volunteering, I always leave with a smile on my face.

Although I haven’t been volunteering at the Food Bank for long, I feel impacted in a positive way with every visit.

I love all the people that work and volunteer here. Everyone is always so nice and helpful. We’re truly a good team!

The Mississauga Food Bank relies heavily on donations and volunteering. Without everyone that helps, this wonderful operation wouldn’t go as smoothly as it does.

I believe everyone should volunteer. Being part of a community is feeling a fellowship with others. And it is important for everyone to help one another.”

Thanks Mark, for everything you do here at TMFB!

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