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12 Aug ・ BY Emily

Introducing Our New Volunteer System!

As you probably know, at TMFB we embrace innovation and positive change. We constantly look for ways to improve our processes to maximize our capacity to help our hungry neighbours. That is why we’re excited to announce that we are switching to a new Volunteer System called Volunteer Hub.

We are very excited as this system offers new features that the old system didn’t have. As I said. We love the new! We deeply value the time our volunteers give and we hope this new system will make it easier for you to find and sign up for upcoming volunteer opportunities at the food bank.

*Please note that no volunteer records from the previous database have been transferred to the new system. That means we need everyone to create a volunteer account in the new system – even if you were already volunteering with TMFB.*

To help you get started with the new system we’ve created the following step-by-step guide. Once you’ve created your volunteer account, you’ll be able to view and sign up for upcoming volunteer shifts!  If you have any questions about the process, please contact Julia DePaz.

Creating Your Account:

  1. Go to The Mississauga Food Bank Volunteer Hub website:
  2. Click on the create an account orange button (right top side of the screen)
  3. Create a username and password  (Make sure you write it down in case you forget it)
  4.  Click Next button to proceed.
  5. Now, you are required to select what types of volunteer opportunities you are interested in. (Remember that you can select more than one option.)
  6. Click Next button to proceed. 
  7. Fill in all the *Required information fields to complete the registration form. 
  8. Once the registration is completed you will see this message:

When you’ve completed the registration and created your volunteer account, you will have access to the Volunteer Opportunities Calendar. 

Signing Up for a Volunteer Shift:

 *Please Note: When browsing upcoming opportunities, you can switch the screen view from a list format to a calendar format using the icons at the top right of the screen.*

  1. Choose a volunteer opportunity and shift that works for your schedule. Please pay close attention to the day and the time of the shift. Once you decided on the shift, click directly on it.
  2. A listing will appear and you need to review the shift time and day again and click sign up
  3. A waiver will appear. Please read it entirely.  
  4. Once you’ve read the whole thing, please select the box “I understand and accept the waiver above.”  
  5. Click Next button to proceed. 
  6. You are now registered. You will see this message:

Canceling Your Shift:

We encourage you to avoid canceling your shifts. However, if you need to do so, you can check on the shift. You will have access to your shifts by clicking on the top right corner “My schedule” button. Click on your shift and then you see the orange arrow “Cancel registration” click on it and then you will see a confirmation message.  Then click exit.  The system will take you back to the main calendar.

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