08 Sep ・ BY Daisy Yiu

Nikita’s Story

Your Hungry Neighbour Nikita

Nikita and her family struggle to cover their basic necessities every month.

When Nikita and her family arrived as newcomers in Canada, they had no support or income. Though her neighbourhood food bank has helped, her family’s steady but low income is not enough to keep them food secure.

“Now my husband has a job but still it is not enough money for us to pay the rent, bills, and other basic necessities.”

The vast majority of food bank users rent their homes just like Nikita. The average monthly income of a food bank client is just over $1,300. With the average monthly cost of a one-bedroom rental unit in Mississauga averaging over $1,700, food bank clients simply do not earn enough to pay for rent, food, and other necessary monthly expenses.


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