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05 May ・ BY Martha Lopez
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Nourishing News | Winter 2022 – Income Tax Filing Clinics

When you think about fighting hunger, tax season may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But free tax clinics offered through our food bank network help lift families out of poverty and food insecurity—thanks to your support!

With income tax time just behind us, you may feel a little relieved. But did you know that filing income taxes can lift people out of poverty and food insecurity?

Completed taxes unlock a range of federal and provincial supports—GST/HST credits, federal and provincial child benefits, and other tax benefits—that can significantly increase household income, especially for those on social assistance. 

Yet many of the most vulnerable people in our community face obstacles to completing their taxes. Some don’t have access to the information or resources they need. Others face language barriers. For many, taxes are simply the least of their worries as they struggle to feed their families and keep a roof over their head.

The unfortunate result? Many families are missing out on thousands of dollars of benefits and credits.

But with your help, The Mississauga Food Bank is working tirelessly to help families complete their taxes and access the benefits that can change their lives.

For the Community, by the Community

In 2021, 22 dedicated volunteers offered tax assistance in 10 different languages, to meet the needs of our diverse community. 253 neighbours benefited from these tax clinics.

Thanks to the volunteers’ hard work—over 530 hours’ worth—and the support of people like you, a total of $1.48 million in tax refunds, benefits, and credits went back into the pockets of the people we serve! 

While the final numbers are still being tallied for this year, it’s already clear that the program has made just as much of an incredible difference in 2022.

It Wouldn’t Be Possible Without You

Heather McLean, Programs Manager at The Mississauga Food Bank, is incredibly grateful for the community’s support.

“Without you and our dedicated volunteers, this program wouldn’t be possible. Thank you!”

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