A photo of Maryann, a COVID-19 TMFB volunteer
24 Jun ・ BY Joanna Burke
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Spotlight on Hope

Giving back when it matters the most

When COVID-19 hit, Maryann found herself— like many Canadians—without a job for the first time in years. In that moment, many would dwell on their own problems. But Maryann immediately thought of others in her community.

“Growing up, I heard about ‘service to others’. My parents immigrated to Canada in the 1960s, and because of their sacrifices and Canada’s generosity, I have a better life.” she says. “So I decided my downtime was an opportunity to give back and support Mississauga during a time when there is a growing need.”

Maryann is working in the Emergency Food Bank set up to serve the growing number of hungry neighbours coming to the warehouse in search of food during the pandemic.

“My contribution is small, but the sum of each person’s contribution can amount to helping someone make a positive change in their life,” she says. Maryann is proud to be a part of The Mississauga Food Bank family. “It’s important to stand together and help our fellow community members in times of need,” she shares.

To Maryann, and every volunteer and donor selflessly caring for our vulnerable neighbours: You’re the heart and soul of The Mississauga Food Bank. Thank you so much.

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