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Plant Spotlight – Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

At AquaGrow Farms, we choose plant varieties that grow quickly so we can provide more servings of healthy greens to our neighbours in need. Lettuces of all different shapes and sizes fit this criteria perfectly! 

We have had great success growing Romaine lettuce, but occasionally we will add a different seed variety to see how well it will do in our farm. Recently we have attempted growing a type of leaf-lettuce called Black Seeded Simpson. With it’s bright lime-green leaves, mild flavour, and crinkled texture, we were sure this would be a hit with the salad lovers in our community!

What we noticed with Black Seeded Simpson is that it started germinating extremely quickly with a high success rate and grew quite well as a seedling. However, as the plants got older and larger, they began to stretch or become “leggy”. This can be common with this variety, though it is also an indicator of lack of light. Although the plants are still edible, they can be difficult to manage on the farm as they grow taller and taller until they topple over their leafy green neighbours. As a result, it is unlikely we will continue growing Black Seeded Simpson, though it was a welcome addition to the farm while it lasted!

Be sure to check back soon to see what other new varieties we have growing on the farm!

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