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Black History Month | Bodunrin Ogunsan Volunteer Spotlight

February is Black History Month, and this year’s theme is Black Resistance. To continue learning about and honouring Black Canadians’ contributions and amplifying their voices, we are sharing the stories of some of our volunteers during #BlackHistoryMonth.

Meet Bodunrin Ogunsan, Food Sorting Volunteer!

Bodunrin started volunteering with us last year during our Thanksgiving campaign. In addition to helping sort food in the warehouse, she has tried other roles too.

“I have volunteered at the Food Bank 2 Home delivery program as a packer and re-stocker and also as a ReclaimFRESH volunteer!”

She remembers that when she immigrated to Canada 5 years ago with her family, she also visited the food bank to stretch her income.

“I saw how people worked to ensure I received healthy and fresh food. Volunteering at the organization is one of the ways I can thank my community for being there for me when I needed help too.”

For Bodunrin, every day at The Mississauga Food Bank is memorable.

“The first time I volunteered at the food rescue program, ReclaimFRESH, I learned about all the work that goes into ensuring that clients get fresh, nutritious and appropriate food. Also, I enjoy volunteering with a diverse group of people to ensure no one in Mississauga goes hungry.”

She thinks The Mississauga Food Bank should continue amplifying Black voices within its platforms because the Black community still faces challenges in every facet of life.

“It is essential to support and treat the Black community equally, as no race or community supersedes the other.”

Bodunrin, thank you for everything you do for your community!

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