11 Apr ・ BY candybox
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The Farm is Fully Stocked!

For the first time since our latest farm expansion, all three of our fish tanks are stocked with fish and all six of our raft tanks are growing greens!

At maximum capacity, we will be raising 150 fish of various sizes and growing around 600 heads of greens at once. This allows us to consistently harvest 108 heads of greens per week and around 50 fish every 2 months.

However, our fish tanks won’t be full for much longer. The farm’s largest fish are around 1.5 lbs each and almost ready to feed our hungry neighbours! Don’t worry though – we’ll restock the empty tank with new fingerlings (young fish) soon. 

If you want to see our fish farms in person, sign up for one of our monthly AquaGrow Farms tours here!

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