21 Apr ・ BY Martha Lopez
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Volunteer Spotlight, Alexandra Kaske

Meet Alexandra, Warehouse Assistant Volunteer

Alexandra began volunteering in October 2019 when she helped out with our Thanksgiving Food Drive at a local grocery store.

“It was really special, there was a volunteer playing an African drum and I ended up meeting someone who lives in my neighbourhood who is an exceptionally committed volunteer to the food bank. I have relied on food banks in the past and currently have a close family member who relies on the Food Bank 2 Home service. Volunteering here is my way of saying thank you for supporting me.”

Volunteering has given Alexandra a sense of community and continues to inspire her. “Every time I finish a shift, I feel so inspired because the people at The Mississauga Food Bank are so sincere and positive. It uplifts me! I feel happy to know that there is a place where I am welcome and where I can add value by helping others. The food bank has allowed me to interact with people in a more meaningful way.”

Thank you, Alexandra, for everything you do here at The Mississauga Food Bank! 💚

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