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You Inspire Us!

Why do you support The Mississauga Food Bank?

We’d love to hear from you! Tag us on social media to share why you care! Use the hashtag #MississaugaCares.

“I think it is a wonderful experience to volunteer at the food bank. During the summer I took my nine-year-old nephew with me to volunteer. To this day he still speaks of the great experience he had sorting food and wants to come with me again.”
— Annamaria, Ambassador, Food Sort Leader

“Volunteering is a personally enriching and gratifying way to make a positive contribution to the community. It is also good for my heart to see how generous people are in making donations of food, their time, and expertise to help others. It gives me a good feeling about the future and our society to see how ready people are to help those who find themselves in need.”
— John, Food Sorting Leader, AquaGrow Farms Assistant

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