The Mississauga Food Bank is looking to selectively replace three Directors retiring from our board in the spring. Board Directors are critical in helping The Mississauga Food Bank achieve its vision.


Board members are the fiduciaries who steer The Mississauga Food Bank towards a sustainable future by adopting sound ethical and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the organization has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Board members also contribute to the organization’s culture, strategic focus, effectiveness, and financial sustainability, as well as serving as ambassadors and advocates.

Key Areas:

  1. Determine The Mississauga Food Bank’s Mission and Purpose
  2. Select and Evaluate the Performance of the CEO
  3. Strategic and Organizational Planning
  4. Fiduciary Oversight and Financial Management
  5. Enhance the Image of The Mississauga Food Bank
  6. Assess its’ Own Responsibility

Required Experience:

Fundamental Experience

All potential board members must have:

  • Previous board involvement
  • Business/financial acumen
  • Strategic planning experience
  • Community leadership experience

Functional Experience

We have very specific skill sets that we are looking to add to our Board this year including:

  • Strong accounting skills
  • Experience in the not for profit sector, dealing with poverty and social justice

This does not preclude us from considering candidates with other valuable experience, such as the following, as long as they demonstrate a passion for our cause. In all cases, the ideal new Board Member will help us reflect the very diverse nature of our vibrant community.

From time to time, The Mississauga Food Bank Board identifies a need for functional expertise in the following areas:

  • Food / Food Security
  • Fundraising / Advocacy / Networking
  • Government Relations
  • Health Care
  • Human Resources / Legal
  • Logistics / Distribution
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Non-Profit / Poverty / Social Justice

Expectations of each Board Member:

  1. Know the organization’s vision, policies, programs, and needs
  2. Faithfully read and understand the organization’s financial statements and prepare for each meeting by reading board reports, financial statements, and other background material
  3. Serve as advocates and ambassadors for the organization and work to secure financial resources and partnerships to advance The Mississauga Food Bank’s vision
  4. Support The Mississauga Food Bank through a personal donation
  5. Help to identify personal/professional connections that can benefit The Mississauga Food Bank’s fundraising and reputational standing, and help to influence public policy in support of the organization

Time Commitment:

  • Approximately 10 hours per month
  • 2-year term (may serve up to 3 terms)
  • 9 meetings per year
  • Participation on at least 1 sub-committee

To express interest, please send your resume and a covering letter stating your interest and alignment through our hiring site by clicking the apply button at right.

If you would like to connect with the Nominating Committee before applying, please email