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Raymond’s Story – A Letter From Chris Hatch

Dear Friends,

Every day our member agencies serve clients like Raymond, who was forced to stop working after suffering a workplace injury. He is 61 years old. Since most of Ray’s monthly income goes toward rent, he relies on the food bank to stretch his food budget. For neighbours like Raymond, poverty and hunger continue to be heavy burdens – even in the sunny summer months.

But in the summer months, donations to the food bank drop off significantly. That is why we need generous neighbours like you to make this a Hunger-Free Summer.

You can help the thousands of individuals, families, and seniors who rely on the Food Bank by making a gift today.




Your gift for the month of July will ensure that hungry neighbours get the healthy food they need this summer.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We can’t achieve a Hunger-Free Summer without your help.

With thanks,




Chris Hatch, Executive Director

P.S. Just $40 is all it takes to provides 100 meals to neighbours in need this summer. 

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Agency Spotlight: The Compass

Clients from The Compass pictured with their copies of the FoodCents Cookbook.

In 2002, in a remarkable example of shared purpose and dedication, fourteen churches in Port Credit and Clarkson, came together to start The Compass. Today, The Compass, located on Lakeshore Road just west of Port Credit, is part of the fabric of the community and a touchstone for people living in southwest Mississauga. As many as 350 households a month rely on The Compass to provide basic food and supplies while countless others come for the Compass’ supplemental programs or just to drop in for a cup of coffee and see some old friends.

Backed by the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and supported by numerous local businesses, The Compass distributed 400,000 pounds of food last year, about half of which came from The Mississauga Food Bank. With an emphasis on healthy food (modeled after Canada’s Food Guide), it also has a purchasing budget to supplement TMFB’s weekly food shipments.

But The Compass does much more than just fight hunger through its food bank. It offers a number of programs, such as computer training, ESL classes, employment assistance, and a men’s and women’s group, to tackle the root causes of poverty.

The Compass’ two staff members, Trish Trapani (Market Manager) and Elaine McCarthy (Volunteer Manager) oversee more than 250 volunteers who provide more than 15,000 hours of service annually and without whom The Compass would not be able to do the stellar work that it does.

Elaine McCarthy recently oversaw the implementation of a new volunteer software, Better Impact, to help coordinate the large number of volunteers. The system has been a huge success. It has helped reduce wait times and training and increase the number of applications processed. In fact, Elaine says, the applications have increased so dramatically that The Compass has been able to postpone volunteer recruitment for the time being.

The Compass has also upgraded its market in recent years, redesigning the layout to maximize the relatively small space that the food bank occupies and ensure that it can serve clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Fifteen years ago, The Compass set out to be more than just a food bank and it has more than lived up to its name as a guiding light to help people find a new direction in life. It is a community center for those in need, offering a friendly face and a smile for all those who walk in the door.

If any agencies would like to visit The Compass to get a first-hand look at their operations, contact Trish at     

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What is Give 30?

Give 30 is a community-based initiative dedicated to fighting hunger in Canada. This weekend we spoke with Ziyaad Mia, the founder of the movement, about Give 30 and the generous spirit of Ramadan. Watch the video below!

Ramadan ends on June 24th!
It’s not too late to join the movement and feed your hungry neighbours today.

You can donate by clicking here!

Or you can go to to learn more about the movement!

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The Mississauga Food Bank recognizes generous supporters and volunteers at annual celebration.

Last night, we held a special event at the Food Bank’s warehouse to celebrate the year’s most generous supporters, including organizers of the largest food drives and fundraising campaigns. Awards were given to the “Volunteer of the Year”, “Corporate Volunteer Team of the Year”, “Member Agency of the Year” and the “Top 5 Contributors” in the categories of Workplace, Community, and School Campaigns, and Corporate Food Donations.  

The individual and corporate Volunteers of the Year were recognized for their ongoing commitment to creating A Mississauga Where No One Goes Hungry. Those who were recognized demonstrate a desire to go above and beyond in serving their hungry neighbours. The Member Agency of the Year was recognized for their commitment to treating clients with respect, dignity, and compassion and for cultivating strong ties in the community.  The winners are listed below:

Volunteer of the Year: Brian Sharp

Corporate Volunteer Team of the Year: Just Energy and the Just Energy Foundation

Member Agency of the Year: Reachout Committee

The “Top 5 Contributors” were recognized combining the value of food and funds raised to reflect the number of meals each group provided. A complete list of the award recipients can be found below:

Top 5 Workplace Campaigns  

1) Alectra Utilities – 107,500 meals

2) Purolator – 64,595 meals

3) PointClickCare – 37,853 meals

4) BDO Canada – 25,047 meals

5) GE Capital Canada Commercial Equipment Finance – 4,741 meals


Top 5 Community Campaigns

1) CBC Toronto Sounds of the Season – 98,563 meals

2) Twas the Bite Before Christmas Community Foundation – 75,000 meals

3) OPP Auxiliary Cram The Cruiser – 61,849 meals

4) Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons Foundation Just Give – 41,992 meals

5) Rashna Chotai’s Meadowvale Village Neighbours Food Drive – 12,123 meals


Top 5 School Campaigns

1) Camilla Road Sr. Public School – 7,304 meals

2) Streetsville Secondary School – 4,277 meals

3) John Fraser Secondary School – 4,211 meals

4) Olive Grove School – 5,658 meals

5) Fallingbrook Middle School – 3,739 meals


Top 5 Corporate Food Donors

1) Walmart – 652,487 meals

2) Loblaws – 223,841 meals

3) Sobeys – 90,610 meals

4) Liberte Natural Foods – 74,259 meals

5) Kruger Products L.P. – 45,000 lbs of toilet paper, as receiving household goods at no cost helps families offset grocery bills


Want to see photos from the event? Click here! 

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Introducing… What’s For Dinner?

WFD - Web Hero


This month, we want to talk to you about “what’s for dinner”. We know that everyone wants to feed their families the healthiest food possible, even those who use a food bank. And we all know that healthy food is fresh food – fruit, vegetables, protein, milk. But we don’t always know how many people are in need or how we can help.. 

Did you know that over 110,000 of our neighbours in Mississauga are living in poverty, struggling to make ends meet? In order to keep their families healthy, these neighbours turn to the food bank to stretch their grocery budget and receive nutritious food.

So this month, we’re inviting you to put yourself in the shoes of the families in our community who are struggling. We’re asking you to think about what you would want to feed your family if you were to fall on hard times. We invite you to engage with us, ask questions, and learn about the different projects and programs that focus on health and nutrition for food bank clients! One of these exciting projects is something that we’re very proud of…


The FoodCents Cookbook!

The FoodCents Cookbook was created to provide clients with healthy, budget-friendly recipes that also taste great! This cookbook has over 30 different recipes to try that are easy to follow, simple to make and use simple ingredients.

Thanks to the support of a generous donor, 3,000 clients will receive a hard copy of this cookbook!

Download a copy of the FoodCents Cookbook here!

FoodCents Cookbook

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Letter from Shawn McMurter, Board Chair

Dear Supporters,

In response to the many questions I am receiving and in light of Eden Food for Change’s Board of Director’s announcement cancelling their Fresh Produce Box program, I want to clarify the role that The Mississauga Food Bank plays in our community.

The Mississauga Food Bank is the central food bank for the city as mandated by the Ontario Association of Food Banks and Food Banks Canada. We provide food to hungry neighbours through our network of 54 member agencies who are located across the city to ensure food is available in every neighbourhood of Mississauga. Food is provided from these agencies to those living in poverty at no cost and regardless of religion, race, immigration status or sexuality.

The main source of food for food bank clients are seven neighbourhood food banks in our network. These food banks provide clients with up to 10 days’ of food each month by distributing fresh, frozen and canned/dry fruit and vegetables, protein, dairy products and grains in quantities according to Canada’s Food Guide.

These food banks are:

● The Compass Market – Serving clients living in postal codes L5J, L5H, L5G, L5E

● Salvation Army Erin Mills – Serving clients living in postal codes L5L and L5K

● Seva Food Bank Malton – Serving clients living in postal codes L5T, L5S, L5P, L4T, L4V

● Seva Food Bank Wolfedale – Serving clients living in postal codes L5C and L5B

● St. Mary’s Food Bank Coopers – Serving clients living in postal codes L5W, L5V, L5R, L4Z,


● St. Mary’s Food Bank Dundas – Serving clients living in postal codes L5A, L4Y, L4X

● St. Mary’s Food Bank Streetsville – Serving clients living in postal codes L5N and L5M

There are an additional 47 agencies in our network providing food including breakfast clubs, soup kitchens, youth-at-risk programs, seniors programs, shelters and food pantries/cupboards. The food bank at Eden Food for Change is not one of these agencies.

Please be assured that The Mississauga Food Bank remains committed to its mission of A Mississauga Where No One Goes Hungry and will continue to source, manage and distribute healthy food across Mississauga as long as people living in poverty require our support. I am grateful for the generosity and funding from thousands of individuals, companies, groups, the Region of Peel and Ontario Trillium Foundation that has enabled us to serve Mississauga for the past 31 years.


Shawn McMurter

President and Chair, The Mississauga Food Bank Board of Directors

Food Bank

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Official Spring Food Drive Results

Thank you!

Thanks to YOU, the annual Spring Food Drive raised 80,178 pounds of food and $87,876!

We were overwhelmed by the number of Mississauga residents who organized school, office and community food drives to feed their hungry neighbours. These drives plus the collections taking place at local fire stations and grocery stores helped raise enough food and funds to provide 316,290 meals to those in need. The final results of 80,178 pounds of food and $87,876 far exceeded the Spring Food Drive’s goals of  75,000 pounds of food and $75,000.

“Hungry neighbours come to their neighbourhood food bank when they have no other options for feeding their families. The community’s generous response to the Spring Food Drive will not only ensure that our neighbours don’t go hungry this spring, but also brings hope to those struggling in poverty.”

-Chris Hatch, Executive Director at The Mississauga Food Bank

Food and funds donations collected through the Spring Food Drive will ensure food bank clients receive the wholesome food they need throughout the Spring and Summer months when donations decline. Thank you for fighting hunger and feeding hope.

Thanks to our Spring Food Drive sponsors, RBC Royal Bank and Scotts Canada, and to the generous donor who gave the matching gift.

rbc-royal-bank-logo-1 clear Scotts_Logo_HR

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It’s not too late to outRUN Hunger!

1: Sign Up to Run/Walk!

You can join in this family-friendly run/walk event by signing up for a 2K, 5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathon race.

You can sign up for your race here. Don’t forget to use the Discount Registration Code: MFB!

2: Join Team TMFB

When you register, create a personal fundraising page and add yourself to The Mississauga Food Bank’s fundraising team! If you need any support throughout the registration process, call Juliana at 905.270.5589 x233.

3: Start Fundraising

As a team we’re racing toward the goal of raising $10,000! You can ask your friends, family or coworkers to make a donation to The Mississauga Food Bank.


If you can’t join us to race, don’t sweat it! You can still help us raise funds and awareness for hunger in Mississauga.

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How Legacy Giving Can Help The Mississauga Food Bank

The Mississauga Food Bank has a vision for a Mississauga where no one goes hungry—and so does LawDepot. As part of our new legacy giving partnership, we want to make it easier for you to support this vision, now and in the future.

How? Through legacy giving.


What is legacy giving?

Legacy giving means to leave a monetary or physical gift to a charity in your Last Will and Testament.
Why should you donate through legacy giving?

  • It’s a great way to support The Mississauga Food Bank in the future, even if you are unable to donate today.
  • It helps ensure that The Mississauga Food Bank can continue to feed hungry neighbours in years to come.
  • You have to make your estate plans anyway—why not support your favourite charity while you’re at it?

How do I donate a legacy gift?

  • If you don’t already have a Last Will, you can make one through LawDepot. Just fill out the questionnaire online and input The Mississauga Food Bank’s information under Specific Gifts or Residue.
  • If you already have a Last Will and haven’t left a legacy gift to The Mississauga Food Bank, you can create a Gift Deed instead.

You will need the following information:

  • The Mississauga Food Bank’s operating name: The Mississauga Food Bank
  • Charity registration number: 11892 7011 RR0001

What counts as a legacy gift?

A legacy donation can be anything from a specific amount of money (for example, $200.00), the residue of your estate (what is left over after all expenses and debts have been paid), or a physical donation, like a car, house, or valuable item that could be sold or auctioned off.

Don’t forget that any amount can help—a $2.00 donation provides enough food for 5 meals!

How do legacy gifts help The Mississauga Food Bank?

Every donation helps to make a difference, especially when your support provides over 198,000 meals to those in need each month.
One of the biggest benefits of legacy donations to charities is that they are long-term. This means legacy donations help to support the charity in years to come so they can continue to meet the needs of the community without having to rely entirely on current donations.
Legacy gifts also help charities to survive outside of prime donation times, like the holiday season, when people tend to donate less frequently.

Legacy Giving and Your Community

Legacy giving is an excellent way to support the charities that mean the most to you, like The Mississauga Food Bank.
No one should have to go without food, and not everyone can afford to make an out-of-pocket donation today. Instead, support The Mississauga Food Bank and help build a hunger-free community for the next generation by including them in your estate plans with LawDepot.

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This Spring, Plant Seeds of Hope

TMFB is calling on the members of our caring community to plant seeds of hope this Spring and donate to the Spring Food Drive! With over 200,000 visits to our agencies every year, we need your help to ensure our neighbours have enough to eat.

The Spring Food Drive started on March 27 and is running until April 21, with goals of raising $75,000 and 75,000 pounds of food. By supporting this campaign, you will provide food to the members of our community who need it most.

Seeds-6“We are always overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity and support during the Thanksgiving and Holiday Drives. However, our clients’ need for wholesome food remains high year-round. We rely on the Spring Food Drive to provide food to our clients as we move into the lean Spring and Summer months.”

-Chris Hatch, Executive Director 

Here are 3 ways you can get involved:

  • Donate Money: Thanks to the support of a generous donor, donations made to the Spring Food Drive before April 21 will be matched dollar for dollar. That means just $2 will provide food for 10 meals! Donations can be made securely online or by calling 905.270.5589
  • Donate Food: Shop for our most-needed items and drop them off at a local grocery store, fire station, or at the food bank. Most needed items are canned fruit or vegetables and protein (ie. canned meats or beans).
  • Volunteer: Volunteers are needed at grocery stores on Saturday, April 15 to collect food and cash donations from shoppers. See our Volunteer Calendar to register.

There’s no better time to feed your hungry neighbours. Make a gift today.

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