03 May 2021

Helping Hands Club

Want to help hungry neighbours all year long? 

Join our Helping Hands Club today and give monthly!

Monthly supporters are the lifeblood and heart of our work, they’re our true heroes! 💚

By joining our Helping Hands Club, you’ll ensure our hungry neighbours get the healthy and nutritious food they need.

Join us today!

Who does the Helping Hands Club benefit?

• You’ll help us keep pace with the growing need in our community, even when a crisis like COVID-19 hits. 

• You’ll help us plan in advance and bring our costs down, so more of your gift goes straight to helping neighbours. 

• The most important part? Day in and day out, you’ll be giving fresh food and peace of mind to children, seniors, families, and others in our community who desperately need a lifeline.

Start giving today!