31 Jul 2020

Patchwork Bedspreads Fundraiser in support of TMFB

TMFB volunteers are truly extraordinary. We want to take a moment to recognize a very special volunteer whose service has helped many of our hungry neighbours.

Wali Shaikh, has volunteered for over 486 hours at TMFB over nine years. She always shows up to help, rain or shine. Wali’s kindness and ongoing commitment to helping others inspires us all.

During the months of July and August, Wali will be selling 6 beautiful patchwork quilts to raise funds for TMFB.

Whether you’re purchasing a quilt for yourself or a loved one, it’s even more special because it was made to support a wonderful cause.

Bedspreads are available for pick-up only.

Contact Wali to purchase your bedspread today!

Email: walihamid10@gmail.com


Proceeds in support of TMFB