Event Policies

  • Our involvement in your event must be clear and agreed upon in advance. Please ensure that you have registered by using our Food Drive/Fundraiser Registration Form.
  • Due to limited capacity, we require a minimum of 1,000 lbs of food raised to qualify for our bin delivery/ food pick-up service.
  • Pick ups and deliveries are organized by zones throughout the city. Please look at our truck route map to determine when we will be in your area. We can arrange a pickup or delivery only on the days when our truck is in your zone.
  • If you’re planning on creating any materials to promote your event, please send a copy to events@themississaugafoodbank.org before printing. We must approve any use of The Mississauga Food Bank logo and name.
  • We appreciate every food drive and fundraiser that our supporters run and will do our best to attend cheque presentations and events.
  • The Mississauga Food Bank does not endorse any companies, religious organizations, political parties or candidates, or service groups and it must not be portrayed as doing so.
  • Donations cannot be used to cover event costs.
    • Community event organizers are responsible for all event expenses and corporate sponsorship, if desired.
    • Organizers are also solely responsible for any sponsor or donor recognition.
    • Donations and proceeds from the event should be made payable to The Mississauga Food Bank – event sponsorship payments should not.
  • We are unable to use our charitable registration number to get discount pricing on event costs.
  • Food drive and fundraiser proceeds will be used in areas of greatest need unless previously written indication has been given to the Director of Development.
  • We cannot guarantee media coverage for a food drive or fundraiser.
  • We generally do not have t-shirts, memorabilia, prizes or banners for events. Please contact events@themississaugafoodbank.org to inquire about options for larger events.

Information About Tax Receipts

  • To learn more about tax receipting, please read Canada Revenue Agency’s Fundraising Events Policy.
  • It is the organizer’s responsibility to communicate decisions about receipting to the participants. Be sure you have discussed your situation in detail with food bank staff and understand what you can and cannot offer.
  • In general, if an individual or corporation receives any benefit from their contribution a tax receipt is not issued. Benefits could include: a meal, alcohol, a chance to bid on auction items, entertainment, parking, advertising etc.
  • Tax receipts are not issued to event sponsors.
  • The Mississauga Food Bank will issue tax receipts for donations of $10 or more if the following conditions are met:
    • Your Food Drive/Fundraiser Registration Form has been submitted and approved.
    • The tax receipt information and donations are received within 60 days of your event. Tax receipts dated for the year of your event are only possible if all money and information are received before December 31 of that year.
    • The guidelines for your event have been followed.
    • If you have collected funds through a group fundraiser (Example; cash donations collected at a holiday party) we can not issue a tax receipt to your organization/company. In this scenario, we can issue individual tax receipts if you are able to complete a legible list of donors, including their:
      • First and last name
      • Complete mailing address including postal code
      • Amount donated and amount to be receipted
      • List and value of any benefits received for the donation, at fair market value

If you have any further questions, please contact events@themississaugafoodbank.org.