Double your impact this Ramadan!

March 22 – April 20

Ramadan is a time for empathy, compassion, and giving. Let’s come together in the spirit of Ramadan to help feed hungry children, seniors, families, and neighbours across Mississauga.

The first $10,000 donated will be matched, dollar for dollar, by a generous anonymous donor to provide healthy food for twice as many meals!

The month of January saw the highest number of food bank users ever in the history of The Mississauga Food Bank with 13,326 food bank users. This is a 41% increase year over year. By joining the Give 30 movement in support of our Spring Drive, you will help us meet this emergency need that is only continuing to rise for our most vulnerable neighbours.

Here’s how you can support Give 30 this year:   

  1. Make a financial donation! Help raise money to enable us to purchase fresh food in bulk and provide food for healthy meals to neighbours. $30 provides food for 30 meals, and with the match, that equals 60 meals!
  2. Sign up today and create your own fundraising page this Ramadan in support of your hungry neighbours. Set a fundraising goal, and share your page with friends, family, and coworkers to give back in a meaningful way.
  3. Host an event – Choose The Mississauga Food Bank as a community partner of choice when hosting a community event.
  4. Challenge yourself to give up something for 30 days (e.g. coffee, sugar, etc.) to show solidarity.
  5. Spread the word – Share updates with your friends on FacebookInstagram, TwitterTikTok or LinkedIn.
  6. Check out our volunteer opportunities!

Please consider making a monetary donation or organizing a fundraiser in place of a food drive. As we move our operations to a new facility, we have limited capacity to pick up and store food donations. If you are looking to make a food donation to the Give 30 campaign, we encourage you to drop off food at your local fire station in Mississauga or participating grocery stores across the city.


Create Your Own Fundraising Page

An easy and meaningful way to give back this Ramadan!

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Register to become an individual fundraiser, a team captain, or a member of an existing team.
  2. Customize your fundraising page by setting a goal and by adding photos, videos, personalized messages, and more.
  3. Invite your community to donate and raise funds in support of The Mississauga Food Bank!
  4. Reach your goal and thank your friends, family, and/or co-workers for helping you feed hungry neighbours.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at  905.270.5589 or

Register today

What is Give 30?

Join the Give 30 movement!

Give 30 encourages everyone, regardless of faith, to show empathy for those who face food insecurity by donating to local food banks. If you’re fasting during the month of Ramadan, consider donating the money saved by abstaining from food or drink during daylight hours to feed your neighbours in need.

Give 30 also encourages those who do not partake in Ramadan to donate as well. Instead of fasting, it could be money saved by eating lunch or making coffee at home rather than dining out.

Spring brings about different celebrations for our community, but the one thing that unites us all is food. However you celebrate this spring, think of your neighbours in need. Your support ensures we can continue to meet the growing need as more neighbours turn to their food bank for healthy and appropriate food.

Give 30 Resources

You can help promote our Give 30 campaign this Ramadan by downloading and sharing these resources.