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Have you met #MississaugaMike?

#MississaugaMike in a mini Christmas village! Photo courtesy of @Liviibeans

#MississaugaMike in a mini Christmas village! Photo courtesy of @Liviibeans

Maybe you’ve seen him around town, or on Twitter or Instagram?

He’s #MississaugaMike and he’s a corrugated box. We sent out 7,000 of him, asking you to donate to ensure we have boxes to distribute food in 2017.

Did you know that 22,000 boxes of food left the food bank warehouse this year? All full of wholesome, nutritious food that generous donors like you helped provide!

As we tape up and ship out the year 2016, will you help The Mississauga Food Bank get enough boxes for 2017?


The Mississauga Food Bank needs to raise $16,000 before December 31 to ensure there are sturdy boxes for 2017.

You can give $1 for free – Download the cut-out of #MississaugaMike, print and cut it out, then post a picture on social media with the hashtag #MississaugaMike. A generous neighbour will give $1 for every post with this hashtag to buy even more boxes!

Questions? Contact Meghan at 905-270-5589 x226 or by email.

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