food bank 2 home

We relieve hunger in Mississauga by providing and promoting access to healthy food for people in need through a variety of programs:

Neighbourhood Food Banks – These 9 neighbourhood food banks provide 7+ days of food each month to those in their neighbourhoods who are living in poverty.

Agency Network – Providing food to 40+ agencies so that they can support those in need through programs such as breakfast clubs, snack/meal programs, shelters, emergency food cupboards, and drop-in programs. If your organization gives food to those in poverty in Mississauga – contact us to learn more about how we could provide you food.

ReclaimFRESH – Rescuing food from grocery stores and redistributing it to hungry neighbours. The goal of food rescue is to keep this food out of the dumpster and make sure it gets to people who need it.

AquaGrow Farms – Aquaponic farm growing greens and raising fish right in our warehouse to increase access to healthy food for those in need.

Food Bank 2 Home – Delivering healthy food directly to homebound neighbours to ensure seniors, those with disabilities, and those with small children don’t go without food when mobility is a barrier. Click here to apply for this service.

Income Tax Filing Clinics – Assisting food bank clients to file tax returns and receive benefits for which they are eligible.

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