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Helping our neighbours reach their goals!


Prosper Plan aims to help neighbours in our community assess key aspects of their life using a specially formulated survey. Through completing the survey and being a part of the program, individuals will set achievable goals and be connected to tailored community resources to progress and make positive strides to achieve their personal goals.

Here’s how it works:

                                         1. The Mississauga Food Bank clients are invited to sign up for the program.

                                         2. Upon sign-up, they are paired with a Community Support Volunteer who will assist them throughout the program.

                                         3. Participants are guided through the survey to assess parts of their lives where changes can be made.

                                         4. A personalized Prosper Plan is made based on survey results to help participants set achievable goals.

                                         5. Participants are connected with resources in order to support their Prosper Plan.

                                         6. Community Support Volunteers check in with participants to lend further support as needed.


Prosper Plan will provide an opportunity for participants to take charge of their lives, build out personalized plans for progress and ultimately supports them in achieving goals that they set on their terms. In the pilot phase, this program is being offered as an added service to members of our food bank community who use other programs through The Mississauga Food Bank network.

The Mississauga Food Bank is proud to be the first organization in Canada to use and adapt Fundación Paraguaya’s Poverty Stoplight tool, which is used by organizations around the world to equip communities to lay the foundation to start on a path out of poverty. 

If you are interested in being a part of Prosper Plan and taking the self-assessment survey, please contact us at or 905.270.55.89 ext. 851.


Food bank users are not obligated to participate in the program in order to qualify for services at The Mississauga Food Bank.

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