While our primary work is to feed our neighbours in need every day, we also connect people with the tools, resources, and education needed to address the root causes of food insecurity – which is poverty and low incomes.

For low-income households, every dollar counts when it comes to being able to meet basic needs. There is a range of federal and provincial financial supports available to households receiving social assistance, such as the GST/HST credit, federal and provincial child benefits, and other tax benefits that can significantly increase incomes for those on social assistance.

However many of these benefits require submission of a tax return, and those who don’t file, miss out. Vulnerable populations may miss out on the full range of federal programs and supports they are entitled to if they don’t file their taxes.

While we push for a better system for the future, tax filing can help people with low incomes today.

The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program is a joint initiative with the Canada Revenue Agency and it’s for people with modest incomes and simple tax solutions.

Appointments are available through our agencies in March and April.

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