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22 Mar

The Mississauga Food Bank Launches Give 30 Ramadan Fundraiser As Food Bank Usage Rises

Providing Food For 44% More Food Bank Clients In February Compared To The Previous Year As Ramadan begins this evening, The Mississauga Food Bank...
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06 Mar

The Mississauga Food Bank Launches Spring Drive As They Experience Another Record-Breaking Month, Providing Food For Over 13,300 Food Bank Clients In January

The Mississauga Food Bank has launched their 2023 Spring Drive with the goal to raise $750,000 by April 23, 2023. The first $15,000 donated...
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02 Mar

Virat Mahajan Volunteer Spotlight

Today we are shining the spotlight on Virat Mahajan, Grocery Store Fundraising Lead Volunteer! Virat started volunteering with us in October 2021 when he...
The Mississsauga Food Bank staff member operating a forklift in the warehouse to move a skid of food into the refridgerator.
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28 Feb

The Mississauga Food Bank is Moving!

After searching far and wide, The Mississauga Food Bank has secured a new facility to call home. As of Monday, April 3, 2023, The...