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27 Jun

Agency Spotlight: The Compass

In 2002, in a remarkable example of shared purpose and dedication, fourteen churches in Port Credit and Clarkson, came together to start The Compass....
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14 Jun

What is Give 30?

Give 30 is a community-based initiative dedicated to fighting hunger in Canada. This weekend we spoke with Ziyaad Mia, the founder of the movement,...
Nissan Volunteer
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01 Jun

The Mississauga Food Bank recognizes generous supporters and volunteers at annual celebration.

Last night, we held a special event at the Food Bank’s warehouse to celebrate the year’s most generous supporters, including organizers of the largest...
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01 May

Introducing… What’s For Dinner?

  This month, we want to talk to you about “what’s for dinner”. We know that everyone wants to feed their families the healthiest...