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Wali, a volunteer, standing in front of The Mississauga Food Bank under a tree.
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17 Jul

Volunteer Spotlight – Wali

Quilting for community One of The Mississauga Food Bank’s fantastic volunteers, Wali, has gone above and beyond to fundraise for her community during the...
A photo of Maryann, a COVID-19 TMFB volunteer
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24 Jun

Spotlight on Hope

Giving back when it matters the most When COVID-19 hit, Maryann found herself— like many Canadians—without a job for the first time in years....
Reclaim Fresh
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29 Nov

Staff Spotlight, Linda

Meet Linda, Food Procurement and Donations Specialist Today we’re shining the spotlight on Linda, our Food Procurement and Donations Specialist. “Knowing that the food...
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23 Nov

Volunteer Spotlight, Jairo

Meet Jairo, Food Bank Volunteer Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Jairo, one of our volunteer receptionists. Jairo began volunteering at the food bank...