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Organize a Fundraiser or Food Drive

AmarisWhether it’s your goal to collect food, raise funds or a combination of both, events of all sizes play an important part in raising awareness about hunger in Mississauga and providing the food and funds we need to feed our hungry neighbours.
Step 1 – you MUST register your event!

1. Register Your Event



What Can You Do? Get Creative!

2. Ideas
Food Drives and Fundraisers are limited only by your imagination – garage sales, scavenger hunts, charity dinners…almost anything! Feel free to use your own ideas, or take a look at some of our ideas.

3. Guidelines
Now that you’ve registered your event activity, read our Guidelines, which were created to help organizers maintain The Mississauga Food Bank’s values and mission.

4. Fundraise Online
Consider our **NEWEST** way to fundraise! Contact us to discuss how you can use an online giving page for your next fundraiser.


Food Drive & Fundraiser Tips

If you’re running a food drive, there are sections on the Registration Form where you can let us know your goals, whether you need food collection boxes or a food pick-up.

5. Set Goals. The ‘when’ and ‘where’ is the easy part of an event, following through is the fun part!

  • Challenge your school, colleagues or community to help reach a specific weight or number of bins filled.
  • Generating 100% participation is a goal.
  • If you’re organizing a corporate event, find out if your company will match gifts.

6. Decide how you’re going to collect, store and transport the food.

  • We have a limited number of food collection boxes, which hold 300 pounds each. Feel free to also collect food in your own containers or boxes.
  • We can only pick up collections greater than 500 pounds, that’s about 50 grocery bags, but we always appreciate collections being dropped off at our warehouse or a local fire station to help us save resources. The more we save, the more we feed!
  • Wherever possible, please plan to drop donations at our warehouse or your nearest fire station. You can find a map of all Mississauga fire stations here. Please note that financial donations CANNOT be dropped at fire stations, they should be brought to our warehouse.

Do you want to take your fundraiser or food drive to the next level? Click the button below for expert tips and guidelines that will help you easily reach your goals.

7. Promotional Tools & Tips

If you have any questions about your event, please contact us!