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Organize a Community Event or Food Drive

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Community Event to support The Mississauga Food Bank! Whether it’s your goal to collect food, raise funds or a combination of both, Community Events of all sizes play a very important part in raising awareness about hunger in Mississauga and providing the food and funds we need to feed our hungry neighbours.

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What To Do?

Community Events are limited only by your imagination – garage sales, scavenger hunts, charity dinners…almost anything! Feel free to use your own ideas, or take a look at some of our ideas.

Also, be sure to check out our Virtual Food Drive. It can stand alone or supplement your traditional food drive or fundraiser.

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How to Build an Event with The Mississauga Food Bank

Once you’ve decided what you want to do and when, fill out our Community Event Registration Form and read our Guidelines, which were created to help organizers maintain The Mississauga Food Bank’s values and mission. Organizers are required to fill out the Community Event Registration Form to run or publicize an event associated with The Mississauga Food Bank. You can view our privacy policy here.

The Ins and Outs of Running a Community Event

If you’re running a food drive, there are sections on the Community Event Registration Form where you can let us know your goals, whether you need food collection boxes or a food pick-up.

  1. Set goals. Aim for a specific weight, or try to fill a lobby, lunchroom or office. Generating 100% participation is a goal.
  2. Decide how you’re going to collect, store and transport the food.
    • We have a limited number of food collection boxes, which hold 300 pounds each. A box will fit in the backseat of a car, so whenever possible, we ask that they be picked up. You are not required to collect food in our boxes. Since we have a limited number, you can also collect food in your own containers or boxes.
    • We can only pick up collections greater than 300 pounds, that’s about 30 grocery bags, but we always appreciate collections being dropped off at our warehouse or a local fire station to help us save resources. The more we save, the more we feed!
    • Pick-ups must fit into our weekly truck schedule, which is organized by zones throughout the city. Take a look at our truck route map – if our truck is in your zone, we can arrange a pick up on the corresponding day. Please note that we can only do pick-ups in Mississauga and we do not run our truck on the weekend.
    • Wherever possible, please plan to drop donations at our warehouse or your nearest fire station. You can find a map of all Mississauga fire stations here. Please note that financial donations CANNOT be dropped at fire stations, they should be brought to our warehouse.
  3. Promote your drive!
    • Encourage people to donate our Most Needed Items. Print this poster to spread the word!
    • If you’re organizing a corporate event, find out if your company will match gifts.
    • Use facts from the ‘Learn’ section of our website to promote your drive.
    • Put up posters! Here are some to get you started (in PDF format): CupboardFridgeLunchbagMost Needed Items
    • Advertise your drive on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.
    • Track your success, send out emails and post updates to keep everyone excited and involved.
  4. Follow up with your participants
    • Let everyone know what they contributed to, either in an email, poster or announcement.
    • After we receive the donation from a community event, a thank you letter will be sent to the event organizer. We encourage you to duplicate this letter to send it to your donors

If you have any questions about your Community Event, please email or call 905.270.5589 x.228


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