Most Needed Items | The Mississauga Food Bank

Most Needed Items

At The Mississauga Food Bank, our mission is to provide those who are hungry with the healthiest food possible, as set out by the Canada Food Guide.

If the food being donated is something that you would not be willing to eat yourself or is past its best-before date, please consider donating something else.

most-needed-items-nov-2016-pdf-google-drive-clipular-1 most-needed-items-nov-2016-pdf-google-drive-clipular

Protein: Canned fish or meat, peanut butter, beans

Vegetables: Canned vegetables, pasta sauce,          healthy soups and stews


Not Needed: Condiments, snacks
(cookies, crackers, desserts, granola bars, etc.)
or cold drinks (sugary juice, pop) Thank You!

Fruit: Applesauce, canned fruit, dried fruit, real fruit juice