Mississauga Touch Football League
2022 Fundraiser in support of
The Mississauga Food Bank

We know the months ahead will be challenging for our vulnerable neighbours. This year alone food costs in Canada are expected to rise another 5-7% making healthy food even more out of reach.

When food costs rise, so does hunger in our community.

No one should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

That’s why we are raising funds to help provide healthy and nourishing food to our neighbours in need.

Mississauga Touch Football League aims to raise $3,000 in support of local food banks like The Mississauga Food Bank. For every $1 raised, the food bank can provide food for 2 healthy and nourishing meals.

Thank you for your support!

 Donations of $10 or more will receive a tax receipt. 

If your household, or anyone you know needs food, please visit https://www.themississaugafoodbank.org/need-food/