Meals on Every Table Fundraiser in support of
The Mississauga Food Bank

To my friends and family, I started this fundraiser to raise funds in support of The Mississauga Food Bank.

Even during the best of times, neighbours living with a low-income struggle to afford all of their necessities. Emergencies—like the COVID-19 pandemic—put unimaginable stress on already tight budgets.

During this difficult time, The Mississauga Food Bank is working hard to ensure those living in poverty or whose financial circumstances have abruptly changed
can access healthy and nutritious food.

I believe that if we all pitch in, we can raise $5,000 to support
the food bank during this time of need.

Our gift will make it possible for The Mississauga Food Bank to distribute emergency bags, consisting of non–perishable goods, fresh food and produce, personal care items, and essentials like baby formula, and diapers.

Please donate to ensure no one in our community is left to go hungry. 

Sincerely, Mustaali Hussain