Let’s come together to reach our GOAL of providing food for 1,000 meals
to our hungry neighbours! 

This past year, nearly 10,000 children, or 333 full classrooms of kids needed support from a food bank in Mississauga.

During this incredibly difficult year, many parents have experienced job loss, reduced hours, and illness due to COVID-19. On top of paying for rent and utilities, many parents are struggling to put food on their tables.

Kids should be focused on learning and playing with friends,
not worrying about where their next meal is coming from. 

If we come together, we can help to raise critical funds during this time of need.

For every $1 raised, The Mississauga Food Bank can provide food for 2 meals.

Our donations will make it possible for The Mississauga Food Bank to distribute emergency hampers, consisting of non–perishable goods, fresh food and produce, personal care items, and essentials like baby formula, and diapers.

Please donate today to ensure no one in our community is left to go hungry.

Sincerely, 2010 AA Mississauga North Stars Team