Parvin Aujla

Warehouse Supervisor

Kadian Clarke

Food Drives & Fundraising Events Coordinator

Colin Cotton

AquaGrow Farms Supervisor

Jon Davey

Warehouse Manager

Julia De Paz

Volunteer Coordinator

Steve Dutton

Truck Driver

Nabeela Irfan

Agency Relations Coordinator

Candace Jarvis

Administration & Human Resources Manager

Wendy Medeiros

Donor Relations & Database Administrator

Meghan Nicholls, CFRE

Executive Director

Alyssa Noronha

Marketing Coordinator

Gideon Olaleye

Truck Driver

Justine Silberstein, CFRE

Director of Development

Zeeshan Sumrani

Director of Programs and Agencies

Emily Wiles

Marketing and Communications Manager

Mark Webber

Warehouse Operator