Promotional Tools & Tips | The Mississauga Food Bank

Promotional Tools & Tips

Here are some great tips and guidelines for promoting your food drive or fundraiser:


  • Social Media
    • Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media accounts you use.
    • Use The Mississauga Food Bank’s accounts to leverage your activities. Tag us so we can help support you!
    • Provide updates to your network every couple of days or each week. Tell them how the campaign is going, get them excited about what you are doing. This will also act as a reminder for them to donate.
    • TMFB’s Social Media:
      Twitter: @Food_Bank


  • Follow Up!
    • Let’s face it, most people are always on the go and even if they intend on donating…they might forget. Posting online and sending updates will act as a reminder.
    • Email, text, call and let everyone know if you still need their support
    • After we receive the donation from a community event, we will send a thank you letter to the event organizer. We encourage you to duplicate this letter to send it to your donors and proudly show your community what you have all accomplished together.

Do you have a great idea that has worked for you? Let us know so we can share it with others!