Tech Mahindra Food Drive in support of
The Mississauga Food Bank

As the number of Coronavirus cases rises across the world it is becoming increasingly difficult for many people to provide for their families. More kids, parents, and seniors in our community are going hungry
as a result of this ongoing crisis.

Those who were already struggling face even greater challenges — not only to be fed, but to stay healthy. Nourishing food is the most basic need for our vulnerable neighbors.

Rising to this occasion to Drive Positive Change, Tech Mahindra is partnering with The Mississauga Food Bank to raise money for our communities and provide positivity to others during this difficult time we are facing.

The Mississauga Food Bank is gathering every possible resource to provide food and supplies to all who need it, but in the coming weeks, the Food Bank anticipates an increase in clients looking for support and will require an additional $360,000 now to support immediate needs.

We believe that if we all pitch in, we can raise $10,000 to help the Food Bank.

Our gift will make it possible for The Mississauga Food Bank to distribute emergency bags, consisting of milk, fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, personal care items, and essentials like baby formula, and diapers. 

We don’t know what the future holds, but we know
our kindness is needed right now.

Let us put all hands on deck and reach out to those in need by donating today.

Thank you!