Tough Mudder Hockey Moms of the MNS
2022 Fundraiser in support of
The Mississauga Food Bank

UPDATE: Thank you friends and family for helping us reach our goal of $1000!  We are now including a stretch goal of raising $2000 – if we raise this amount all Moms will promise to partake in the Everest obstacle (no skipsies!).  Thanks again for your support!

Hockey season is upon us again and the Moms of the 2010 Mississauga North Stars are ready to show our hockey kids that we’re tough too!

On Saturday September 17, 2022 our team of Moms will be racing in the 5K Tough Mudder Event through 13 teamwork-inspired obstacles including Kiss of Mud, Everest, and Electroshock Therapy.  Many seasons of being Hockey Moms have prepared us for this moment – we can lug heavy bags, race from rink to rink, are immune to the cold, and have lost our voices cheering in support!

We would really appreciate if you would show your support of us by donating to a worthy charity near and dear to our hearts: The Mississauga Food Bank.  Thank you and wish us good luck!  We’ve got this.

Tough Mudder Hockey Moms of the MNS aims to raise $1,000 $2,000 in support of local food banks like The Mississauga Food Bank. For every $1 raised, the food bank can provide food for 2 healthy and nourishing meals.

holiday food box

 Donations of $10 or more will receive a tax receipt. 

If your household, or anyone you know needs food, please visit