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05 May ・ BY Martha Lopez

Nourishing News l Spring 2022 – You Inspire Us

Joanne Shaw grew up hearing stories of hunger.

Her grandmother, a single parent of nine children, struggled daily to keep food on the table. Joanne also grew up knowing food insecurity. “Eating was something you did to survive, and you never wasted food. I was always told of children who had nothing to eat.” 

It was Joanne’s own experience that compelled her to stand by neighbours facing hunger.

“I have been very fortunate to have made a good life with a good education and income. There are so many who cannot.” Joanne says. “Because I have the means to help out my neighbours, I feel compelled to contribute. You can’t help people get ahead if they don’t have fresh food to eat.”

Thank you, Joanne! Families have food on the table thanks to you!


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