About Us | The Mississauga Food Bank

About Us

Our Vision: A Mississauga where no one goes hungry

Mission: Effectively sourcing, managing and distributing healthy food to those in need.

What We Do: The Mississauga Food Bank is the central food bank in Mississauga, providing food for over 198,000 meals each month through a network of 48 member agencies. Our objective is to provide adequate food from the 4 categories of Canada’s Food Guide – fruit and vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy products – to provide a balanced diet to food bank users for 7+ days each month. Thousands of individuals and families across Mississauga rely on us every day.

The Mississauga Food Bank is a federally registered charitable organization: 11892 7011 RR0001

Our Values:




• Hungry Mississauga residents living in poverty are our highest priority.

• We focus on activities that help meet their current and future food need.

• We source the healthiest, most nutritious food possible.


• We value our relationships with other organizations that serve those living in poverty and support poverty-reduction activities.

• We value the contributions of our donors, volunteers, and member agencies.


• We are entrepreneurial.

• We strive for continuous improvement by using the latest technology, seeking creative solutions and taking calculated risks.


• Excellence and efficiency are our standards.

• We set goals and measure our results, relying on data to make decisions.

• We value professional development.


• The united contributions of donors, volunteers, and staff make achieving our mission possible.

• We are enthusiastic and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. We celebrate successes.

• We communicate openly with one another and embrace diverse views.


• We are donor-centric. We regularly report on the impact donor support has made.

• We steward our finances to achieve the greatest impact.

• We welcome visitors, inquiries, and questions.