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Delivering Fresh Food & Hope – Thanks to You!

It was one of the first food deliveries volunteer Chris Lang ever made through The Mississauga Food Bank’s new Food Bank 2 Home program.

The delivery was to a man living in a boarding home with several other people. He had no access to a stove or microwave. All he had was the use of a tiny portion of the shared fridge, a kettle, and a rice cooker. “He doesn’t have enough money to get out. He’s even having trouble with the transit programs,” says Chris. “But he was very appreciative.”

Personally delivering food to hungry people like this neighbour has made a big impression on Chris. Although Chris has been volunteering with The Mississauga Food Bank for 10 years, this was a chance for him to see firsthand the profound need in the community and the importance of your generosity.

“The statistics are staggering. 15% of the population of Mississauga live below the poverty line and can’t put food on their plates,” says Chris. “You don’t really see it first hand, but then, this program allows me to come face-to-face with hunger in Mississauga. You definitely see why the food bank is so needed.”

Thanks to your generous support, the first official home deliveries through Food Bank 2 Home were made last October. Since then, many seniors, neighbours living with disabilities, and other people who can’t get to a food bank are benefitting from the nourishing food and the warm connections they’re making with volunteers like Chris.

“The people are very thankful,” Chris says. “They each have their own with them to see exactly what those are. Like the fellow in the boarding house needs instant meals and food he can heat up on the rice cooker.”

Chris is grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of hungry neighbours just like you do every day with your generosity. “Being human means helping out your fellow human beings,” he says. “It’s a simple thing to do but it means so much.”

Thank you for making a difference of your own—for helping Chris and our other incredible volunteers deliver food and hope to hungry neighbours in Mississauga. Through your continued support, we expect the Food Bank 2 Home program to reach 400 households each month.

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